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Comments from just some of my Five Star Reviews

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This book is a huge amount of fun. Inventive and dark, filled with tragedy and humour. Well written and completely worth of your attention. The start of a fantastic new series. Buy it.

— Review of 'The Fairies Want Me Dead'

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With an emotional depth that stays with you after you put it down!

— Review of 'Jacob's War'

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As the tension increased, I felt the same sense of existential dread that the original provoked in me. I couldn't put it down.

— Review of 'Return of the Martians'

About Me

Mark Hood is an author living and working in the English county of Shropshire which allows him plenty of opportunities to stare out of the window at gorgeous scenery when he ought to be writing.

He brings a life-long fascination with mythical creatures and ancient legends to his writing, which merges folklore and myth with the real world.

'The Fairies Want Me Dead' is his first novel, to which 'Jacob's War' is a prequel.