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PAPERBACK: The Return of the Martians: A sequel to

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They’re coming back.

It’s been two years since the events chronicled in “The War of the Worlds”. Humanity has moved on, the rebuilding efforts continue, and no-one really wants to think about Martians any longer.

But one man can’t let go. George is still traumatised by the events of the first invasion, and is terrified that it’s only a matter of time before they will return with greater force. He knows that we’re not ready, but his efforts to warn everyone are rebuffed. Even his wife Amy is losing patience with him.

Until the first flashes are seen on the surface of Mars.

When the cylinders land, better defended and in larger numbers than before, George’s prior experience is needed on the front lines of humanity’s resistance. But the long-awaited return has reawakened his terror, and his insistence on making a difference is dragging him down a dark path.

Can George overcome his demons and join the fight against the invaders? Will they triumph over us this time?

The first in a trilogy of unofficial sequels to “The War of the Worlds” has mankind on the run once more. Buy it today to join the resistance.

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