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Jacob's War: A Fae Defense Society Novella

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Meet Jacob Williams.

A survivor of the First World War, forever changed by his experience. Now he’s facing down the terrors that conflict unleashed upon an unsuspecting world.
Weak spots have always existed between our world and that of the Fae; stone circles help to keep the most dangerous sealed shut. But now Stonehenge is failing… It falls to the members of the Fae Defence Society to repair the ancient monument, protect humanity from the terrors it holds back and prevent another disastrous war. Jacob and his wartime comrade Harry are on the front lines in a supernatural battle which threatens everything.

About the FDS series

This is a prequel novella for an upcoming series following the work of the Fae Defence Society, a secretive organisation tasked with protecting humanity from the creatures that would destroy us. Find out more at where you can also sign up for news and updates on upcoming releases.
You will get a EPUB (152KB) file
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