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PAPERBACK: The Fairies Want Me Dead

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Nightmarish magical beings.

A truth from beyond the grave.

And power beyond anything a mortal should have…

Richard Williams is learning the hard way that if fairy tales have grown softer over the years, the reality behind them hasn’t.

“Reservoir Dogs meets Harry Potter in Pan’s Labyrinth.”

When his dead grandfather contacts him, Richard is shown the truth about our existence. The world is under constant threat from the Fae, nightmarish creatures wielding immense magical energy, and only the remnants of the once all-powerful Fae Defence Society remain to resist them.

Unearthing plans for a vast magical attack, Richard discovers that not everyone among his new-found allies can be trusted. He might be humanity’s best chance at stopping the Fae, but where is his own surprising power coming from? What other secrets did his grandfather take to the grave?

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